parkrun Milestone T-Shirts

What is a parkrun Milestone T-Shirt?

parkrun introduced the milestone t-shirt incentive to commemorate runners who have participated regularly. Designed to celebrate their achievements, the milestone T-shirts are awarded after completing a set number of official parkruns, starting with 10 for juniors and 25 for adults, then for reaching the following milestones: 50, 100, 250 and 500. Yes, 500 – that’s almost 10 years of parkruns every weekend!

Each parkrun Milestone T-shirt has a different colour so it’s easy to turn up and spot a fresh 25 from a fulfilling 500. And they’re handy for knowing who has the most experience so you can ask for course tips or beginners’ advice to get the most out of your parkrun experience.

How do I know if I qualify for a Milestone T-Shirt


To qualify for a parkrun Milestone T-Shirt you will need to have completed and officially recorded the amount of milestone parkruns. You can check how many you have racked up by logging into your account on the parkrun website or checking your latest results email.


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How to purchase your Milestone T-Shirt


Once you have completed your milestone and earned the right to your tee you will be able to purchase your Milestone tee from the parkrun shop at

You can browse and shop the parkrun Milestone T-Shirts here and use your parkrun ID to check whether you qualify.

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